Welcome to my history blog

Hello everyone.

I will be attending a two-week history institute in Philadelphia June 1-14, 2008 for the opportunity to study several history topics, including the U.S. Constitution, Battle of Gettysburg, Valley Forge, and the Amish culture. I will visit museums, universities,  cemeteries, attend lectures, and generally tour the historic areas in and around Philadelphia. I am one of thirty people involved in a history grant through Colorado State University-Pueblo, Colorado. As part of CSU-Pueblo and the grant project expectations, I will “blog” each day about my experiences and post pictures.

Please check back in a couple of days for the kick-off activity and more information.


Debra Hall Ownbey

We base all our experiments on the capacity of mankind for self-government.

James Madison


  1. can i call you grandma too!! just kidding with you ….hope you had a good time and if your still on it hope your still learning and having fun!!!

  2. sorry it took me so long to comment these.. i forgot the website so today i googled you and i found you on alot of stuff!!! your famous

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