Phily Trip Day 1 – Arrival in Philadelphia

Hello Whittney and hello to my history students,

Even though the date on this post is June 2, it’s really still June 1st about 8 pm Colorado time (10 pm Eastern). I arrived in Philadelphia around 4:30 Eastern time today. It was an uneventful flight until just before landing in Philly. We hit turbulence for about ten minutes that popped people up in their seats like being on a roller coaster ride.

I’ve only had time to explore, in cursory detail, a four-block area around the University of Pennsylvania where I’m staying in the Harnwell College House. The architecture in this area is beautiful and I’m curious if some of the residences are called “Brownstones”. I’ll ask and let you know. I’ll also take pictures tomorrow and see if I can’t get them up on the Flickr account.

Speaking of tomorrow, I’ll spend most of the day at Independence Hall. This is a stock photo of Independence Hall from the internet.

Now, look up Independence Hall and tell me a few interesting details about it when you reply to this post.




  1. Hello Grandma. We are so glad you arrived safe and sound. It was so cool to read about your day. Have a wonderful day tomorrow and we will do our homework on Independence Hall and get back to you. We miss you terribly.


    Whittney, Brakelle, and Robyne

  2. One thing about Independance Hall is that it was built the same year that George Washington was born.

  3. Hey Mrs. Ownbey,
    Another thing about Independence Hall is that most of the original furniture was burned in the late 1770s by the British for firewood.

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